Structural Steel

Sandblasting Structural Steel

There are so many different products available for steel work. Different steel requires different standards, whether it be interior, exterior, coastal, inland, food grade or something else. It’s easy to get confused. 

The friendly team at Waikato Sandblasting Services are able to provide the knowledge and experience to deliver the right paint system for the job. 

Quality Assurance documentation (QAs) can be supplied on request for any structural steel regardless of size. 

Talk to our team today about how Waikato Sandblasting Services can handle your needs.
Sandblasting structural steel work

Steel on Wheels

The Waikato Sandblasting Services Te Rapa workshop carries 3 large paint booths, 1 garnet and 2 grit blasting booths to ensure we can cover your needs.

But don’t let that limit you. Our team can work in our workshop or on your site with our mobile sandblasting kit. We can deliver top workmanship at your place, limiting your downtime and inconvenience.
Steel sandblasting services
Call Us Today to Discuss The Steel You Need For Your Job and How Our Experienced Team Can Deliver to Your Specifications. 
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